Enrolment and membership information

How Do I Join The Programme?

You can sign up at the front desk of any participating property, or you can join online by visiting the sign up page on this website.

Are There Any Costs To Join?

It is completely free to join the loyalty programme, and there are no costs whatsoever.

How Many Hotels and Serviced Apartments Are Included?

Please visit the participating properties page for an up to date list of hotels and serviced apartments. The loyalty programme was launched in Autumn 2011, and we are actively searching for partner properties to join our loyalty club. If there's a specific hotel you'd like to have included as an an affiliate, please let us know.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining?

You will enjoy great membership perks and can can earn points for treats and rewards such as free night stays and gift cards.

Will I Receive A Membership Card?

In order to keep our loyalty programme as efficient as possible, we try to keep everything quick and easy by using online systems and email notifications, rather than using a postal service to send out membership cards and statement information. 

Earning Points

How Do I Make Sure I Earn Points For My Stays?

Firstly, you must make your reservation directly with the hotel, via the hotel's own website or via phone or email. You can also earn points when booking on the official PREM Hospitality Website. Points are not awarded if you have used a promotional code. We do not award points on bookings made via third party websites or intermediaries. Please advise the front desk staff that you are a member of the loyalty club, and present them with your membership number. If you don't have your membership number to hand, don't worry, we can look up your details on the system and add your points before you check out.

What If I Forget To Mention That I'm A Member Of The Loyalty Club?

No problem, just contact the hotel within 7 days of your departure, and we will ensure your points are added to your account. Please be prepared to send a copy of your bill to the hotel if required. Unfortunately, we cannot add points outside of this time frame.

If I Enroll At The Front Desk Before I Leave, Will I Still Get Points For That Stay?

Yes, but you must sign up at reception and become a member before your bill has been paid to ensure your points are added for that stay.

Do I Earn Points For The Total Value Of My Room Bill On Departure?

Points are awarded on the room rate only, exclusive of breakfast or any other ancillary spend within the hotel, i.e. with package bookings; the value of tickets, transfers and meals etc before awarding points.

How Many Points Do I Earn For Each Stay?

*For every €1 you spend on your room rate, you will receive 15 points, for every  £1, you will receive 18 points.

For every €100 you spend on your room rate, you will receive 1,500 points.

That means, if you pay an average room rate of €60 per night over 6 consecutive or separately booked room nights in any of our participating properties, you'll have earned 5,400 points. That's enough to redeem a €15 reward!

Our members automatically receive an extra 150 or 180 points for every stay which means they earn an extra €10 or £10 worth of points on top of their overall points.

*Subject to change, based on currency conversion rates.

Can I Combine Points For All Participating Hotels I Stay In?

Yes. Your statement will show a combined points balance which includes points earned at all participating properties.

What About Hotels With Different Currencies?

Rewards From Us To You is a multi currency loyalty club, and points can be earned in properties operating in the Euro and GBP currency zones. Points earned from GBP transactions will be converted to the Euro value equivalent and the respective points will be added to your account.

Can I Earn Points Even For Long Stays?

You can earn points for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. If you are planning a longer term stay, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss this further.

If I Make A Group Booking, Can I Earn Points On All Rooms?

A member is eligible to earn points only on their own room and the name on the membership card must match the name on the reservation.  Members can only claim points for additional rooms if the extra room(s) are interconnecting and used for children's accommodation within the same family.

What if 2 or more members are sharing the same room?

If 2 or more members are sharing the same room, points will be split across each account.

What Rates Do Not Qualify For Points?

Rewards points will not be awarded when stays have been made through employee, group rates, promotional rates such as SAVE5, special travel agent discount rates, wholesale rates or third party internet rates. Members will not be entitled to the other membership perks (such as free mineral water, early check in etc) if staying on a non-qualified rate plan or if they book through a third party or intermediary website. Bookings must be made directly on the hotel's own website, or by phoning or emailing the hotel directly.

How Long Does It Take For Points To Appear On My Statement?

Once the points have been added to your account by the hotel, you will receive an automated email with details of the points earned for that stay, and your current balance.

How Can I Check My Points Balance?

Each time you earn points, you will receive an email notification confirming your balance. Should you loose this email, please contact us and we can check it for you!

Is There Any Expiry Date On Points That Have Not Been Redeemed?

Points which have not been redeemed within 18 months of being earned will automatically expire.

Can I Transfer My Points To Another Account?

No. Points are non-transferable.

Can I Earn Points On Negotiated Rates?

No, if you are being offered a low negotiated rate you are not entitled to points.

Redeeming Points

How Many Points Do I Need To Earn A Reward?

Visit the rewards page on this website to see a list the points required for each reward.

My Statement Says I Have Enough Points To Earn A Reward. How Do I Claim?

Simply visit the redeem points page on this website, and complete your request.

Will I Receive An Order Confirmation?

Once your request is validated, you will receive an email re-confirming details of the voucher you have ordered. We regret that orders cannot be changed, returned or cancelled after they have been issued to you.

How Long Does It Take For My Order To Be Processed?

Once your order is validated, your reward should be with you within 5 working days.

I Didn't Receive My Reward. What Should I Do?

Please use the contact us page to get in touch with our membership team.

Free Night Stays

How Do I Claim For A Free Night Stay?

Firstly, you must redeem your free night certificate through this website. This usually takes 1-2 business days. When you have received your certificate and have decided on the dates you wish to stay, please contact the membership team directly to request availability at your chosen property. We will then confirm whether or not the hotel can accept your booking, and if they can, we'll send you confirmation of your reservation.

All reservations for free night stays must be booked through the membership team. Free night stays will not be honoured unless the correct procedures are followed. The usual cancellation policy and terms and conditions of booking will apply.

On arrival at the hotel, please present your free night certificate to at reception. You will be responsible for all extras incurred during your stay.

Are There Any Dates When I Cannot Stay?

If the hotel is fully booked on the dates you wish to stay, we cannot offer you availability. Please note, there are also a small number of blackout dates in our each of our hotels when free night stays cannot be accepted. View our updated list of blackout dates for each of our properties.

My Account

I've Forgotten My Membership Number - How Do I Recover It? How Do I Change My Contact Details?

Please use the contact us page to get in touch with our membership team.